Production Capabilities

We have the capacity to produce tools with a mouldbase size up to 500 mm to 700 mm, with weight up to 1 ton.

Equipment Avaliable

  • CNC Milling Centers
    • Maximart VMC 105E - Travel: 1050x450 – 10.000 rpm
    • Maximart VMC 650S – Travel: 650x400 – 10.000 rpm
    • Deckel Maho 635V Eco – Travel: 635x510 – 8.000 rpm
    • Haas Super Mini Mill – Travel: 406x305 – 10.000 rpm
  • EDM Machine
    • MaxSee CNC P46 – Travel: 800x400 - Erowa System
    • Ingersoll OPS Gantry 500 - Erowa System
  • Wire EDM Machine
    • Charmilles Robofil 230 – Travel 350 x 220
  • Grinding
    • Plane Grinder Perfect PFG-4080H
  • Injection Machine
    • Italtech BT230-850 ES - 230 Ton
  • Other Equipment
    • Milling Machine Lagun FTV-2
    • Lathe Torno Wellon C6250C
    • Driller Gysin R40
    • Saw PowerED PBS275A
    • Laser Engraving Machine

Our Offered Services to you

Contact us for a quotation

Mould Design and Production

We offer the capability to design Moulds for production.

EDM Service

We can offer EDM service according to client specifications.

Mould Repair

We offer a maintenance service so the molds can be repaired or modified to meet the client production requirements.

Milling Service

We can provide high-speed miiling for moulding areas that require small tools.

Wire-EDM Service

We can offer Wire-EDM service. Send us your 2D or 3D file with specifications and we can provide you with a quick quotation.

Grinding Service

We execute grinding jobs for plane surfaces.

Key Markets

The automotive market is the heart of the Portuguese Mould Market, however we balance the markets for which we work in the way that complete us in terms of experiences.